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"A brilliant writer, creative thinker, hard worker, and thoroughly nice person all round. I couldn't have enjoyed working with Thomas any more, he really is brilliant at what he does and he made the whole process a breeze.


"If you are in doubt, don't be. He brought our work to life through captivating and well through copy. He totally understood our audience and he ultimately made the project a massive success."

~ Albert De Symons Azis-Clauson, CEO & Co-Founder

The Client

UnderPinned was founded in 2018 to help freelancers advance their careers. With its Virtual Office, UnderPinned offers a range of tools to help freelancers find and manage work, send invoices and draw up contracts.

The Briefs

The Newsletter


In June 2022, UnderPinned decided they wanted to revitalise their newsletter to engage existing subscribers and grow their audience while providing stellar content relevant to the freelance community. To help achieve this, they asked me to write a column for the newsletter, twice a month. 

On top of this, I offered ideas for newsletter features and advice for growing a consistently engaged audience. As such, open rates and subscribers grew while bounce and unsubscribe rates dropped. 

For examples of the work I've produced for the UnderPinned newsletter, please contact me. 

The Magazine


Following the Resources project, UnderPinned has since commissioned me to write a handful of articles for the UnderPinned Magazine.

June 2022

A Field Guide to Bad Clients (and how to deal with them)

August 2021

Setting the bar for your freelance rates


July 2021

Public speaking: Fighting stage fright

Plan a Presentation Like a Pro


June 2021

The Magic Word Every Freelancer Needs to Know


February 2021
The Truth About Freelance Job Ads

November 2020

Drawing the Line on the Extra Mile

The Course

As part of its offering to freelancers, UnderPinned wanted to produce a series of learning resources for freelancers. Each asset followed a specific theme with the intent of educating and aiding freelancers to get the most out of their careers. 

The topics covered included: 

  • How to Build an Effective Freelance Proposition

  • How to Build a Killer Portfolio

  • How to Find and Engage Clients

  • How to Manage Your Finances as a Freelancer

  • How to Increase Your Worth

For more details, or for samples from this series, please email me at

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