"A brilliant writer, creative thinker, hard worker, and thoroughly nice person all round. I couldn't have enjoyed working with Thomas any more, he really is brilliant at what he does and he made the whole process a breeze.


If you are in doubt, don't be. He brought our work to life through captivating and well through copy. He totally understood our audience and he ultimately made the project a massive success.

~ Albert De Symons Azis-Clauson, CEO & Co-Founder

The Client

UnderPinned was founded in 2018 with the aim of helping freelancers advance their careers. With its Virtual Office, UnderPinned offers a range of tools to help freelancers find and manage work, send invoices and draw up contracts.

The Brief

As part of its offering to freelancers, UnderPinned wanted to produce a series of learning resources for freelancers. Each asset followed a specific theme with the intent of educating and aiding freelancers to get the most out of their careers. 

The topics covered included: 

  • How to Build an Effective Freelance Proposition

  • How to Build a Killer Portfolio

  • How to Find and Engage Clients

  • How to Manage Your Finances as a Freelancer

  • How to Increase Your Worth

For more details, or for samples from this series, please email me at t.johnson.writer@gmail.com

The Blog

Following the Resources project, UnderPinned has since commissioned me to write a handful of articles for the UnderPinned Magazine.

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July 2021

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June 2021

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February 2021
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November 2020

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