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Opto by CMC Markets

 "Tom is enthusiastic and helpful. He has shown willingness to learn and develop his approach. Crucially, he delivers clean copy consistently and on time.”

~ Danny McCance, Editor

The Client

Opto exists to identify stock market opportunities. By collaborating with the individuals & institutions outperforming index returns and breaking down their trading and investment strategies for its readers. The site not only lays out the cold, hard performance figures but also provides the stories behind the data.

Published Articles

September 2021

Could Q2 earnings be a ray of hope for JinkoSolar’s share price?

Is it game over for Chinese tech stocks?

August 2021

China’s economic recovery may boost Tencent and JD’s share price?

More bitcoin ETFs could help lower crypto investment risk

Beyond Meat & Pizza Hut: Will plant-based pepperoni deliver for investors?

Moderna shares surge following strong earnings

July 2021

Can bumper earnings revive the Tesla share price?

The trial weighing on the Tesla share price

February 2021

Can Nvidia’s share price continue its winning streak?

Will Square’s share price benefit from the Robinhood backlash?

Is Shopify’s share price a buy ahead of its earnings release?

Baidu’s share price bounces back ahead of earnings

Vaccine headwinds buffet AstraZeneca’s share price

Uber and Lyft’s share prices race to recovery

Could Twitter’s share price put it ahead of the social media competition?

Will EV mania boost Ford’s share price?

January 2021

Could strong advertising revenue boost Amazon’s share price?

Will investors’ appetite feed Apple’s share price

Will cloud computing and driverless cars boost Microsoft’s share price?

​Can quarterly earnings boost IBM’s share price?

Why should investors watch Netflix’s share price ahead of earnings?

How can CRISPR and Teladoc's share prices help ARKK?

December 2020

Will earnings give Nike’s share price a good run?

Can FedEx’s Share Price Deliver a Post-Earnings Boost?

What to Expect from Accenture’s Share Price Ahead of Earnings

Will Broadcom’s Share Price Continue to Rally Post-Earnings?

Will Quarterly Earnings Boost Costco’s Share Price?

Will GameStop’s Share Price be a Top Play Ahead of Christmas?

Can CrowdStrike’s Share Price Keep on Hitting?

Will a Surge in Subscriptions Boost Okta’s Share Price to New Heights?

November 2020

Will Salesforce’s Share Price Hit a New Milestone Following Q3 Results?

Will Third-Party Issues Hurt Amazon’s Share Price?

Will Earnings Boost Dell’s Share Price Higher?

What Triggered HP’s Share Price Surge?

Investors Hope Earnings Will Bring Urban Outfitters’ Share Price Back into Fashion

Tesla’s Share Price Continues to Shock Investors

Is Target’s Share Price Set for Another Retail Bounce?

Can Nio’s Share Price Continue to Surge on Record Deliveries?

Taking a Punt on DraftKings’ Share Price

How is Burberry’s Share Price Looking Ahead of Earnings?

Nikola’s Share Price Needs to Regain Some Lost Energy

Is Roku’s Share Price One to Watch?

Could AstraZeneca’s Share Price Get an Earnings Boost?

Sainsbury’s Share Price Looks Unappetising Ahead of Earnings

How Earnings Could Boost Alibaba’s Share Price


October 2020

Can Q4 Earnings Heat Up Starbucks’ Share Price?

Why Spotify’s Share Price is Soaring Ahead of Earnings

Why Positive Merchant Growth Could Lift Shopify’s Share Price

Can Q3 Earnings Lift Boeing’s Share Price?

AT&T and Verizon Battle it Out for Market Lead

Could an Earnings Surprise Spice up Chipotle’s Share Price?

Will Earnings Unstick Halliburton’s Share Price?

Moderna’s Share Price Gets a Good Prognosis

How Will Morgan Stanley’s Share Price React to Q3 Earnings?

Will Earnings Feed Domino’s Share Price?

What’s Putting the Brakes on Rolls-Royce’s Share Price?

Has Nikola’s Share Price Lost its Charge?


September 2020

What’s Driving Nvidia’s Share Price?

Will a US Antitrust Case Drag Facebook’s Share Price Down?

How Will Q2 Earnings Affect Blackberry’s Share Price?

Will Costco’s Share Price be Lifted by Impressive Sales in Q4?

Could Aurora Cannabis’ Share Price Go Up in Smoke After Earnings?

Will its Forthcoming Nikkei Inclusion Bring Changes for SoftBank Corp’s Share Price?

Why Amazon’s Share Price Just Experienced a Pullback

Which Direction Will Adobe’s Share Price Take After Earnings?

Can FedEx’s Share Price Deliver a Post-Earnings Bounce?

What is EV Sector Mania Doing to Tesla and Nio’s Share Prices?

Will Peloton’s Share Price Continue to Accelerate After Q4 Results?

Has Slack’s Share Price Been Putting in the WORK?

Will Lululemon’s Share Price Rise Continue After Q2 earnings?

How has Oracle’s Share Price Reacted to the Company’s TikTok Bid?

Will Driverless Cars Support Another Surge in Tesla’s Share Price?

How Will its Venture Into the Supermarket Sphere Affect Amazon’s Share Price?

How Will Uber and Lyft’s Share Prices Fare Against the State of California?


August 2020

Can HP’s Share Price Recover Following Q3 Earnings?

How Will Q2 Earnings Affect Splunk’s Share Price?

What’s in Store for Walmart’s Share Price Following Q2 Earnings?

Could’s Share Price Rise 650% on Q2 Earnings?

Will H1 Results Give Prudential’s Share Price a New Lease of Life?

Will a Strong Earnings Report Push Tencent’s Share Price to Further All-Time Highs?

Will Earnings Help Uber’s Share Price to Keep Accelerating?

Will Second-Quarter Earnings Inject More Momentum into Moderna’s Share Price?

Will Nikola Corp’s Share Price Surge on First Earnings Call?


July 2020

Boeing Share Price: What to Expect in Q2 Earning Results?

Why Q3 Earnings Could Stir Up Starbucks’ Share Price

What’s Happened to Visa’s Share Price Ahead of Q3 Earnings?

Is Nio’s Share Price in a Bubble?

Why Q2 Earnings Could be a Major Driver of Tesla’s Share Price

Will Coca-Cola’s Share Price Fizz on Q2 Earnings?

How has Vaccine Speculation Helped Moderna’s Share Price?

How Will Uber’s Share Price Fare in the Food Delivery Wars?

Citigroup’s Share Price: What to Expect in Q2 Earnings

Will Virgin Galactic’s share price go stratospheric?

Why is the Nasdaq Outperforming the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Index?


June 2020

Why Zoom’s Share Price Continues to Hit New Highs

How the FAANG’s Share Price Performance Pushed the Nasdaq to New Highs

How Long Will Boohoo’s Share Price be in Vogue?

Will GE’s Lighting Sale Spark the Utility Giant’s Share Price?

Can Innovation Ensure DocuSign Share Price Growth Beyond COVID-19?


May 2020

Salesforce Share Price: What can Investors Expect Ahead of Earnings?

Burberry Share Price: What to Expect in Q4 Earnings Results?

Will Cisco’s Q3 Results Inspire a Post-Earnings Share Price Bounce?

Shopify Share Price: What to Expect in Q1 Earnings


April 2020

Boeing Share Price: What to Expect in Q1 Earning Results?

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