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My Rates

Rather than leaving you to guess my copywriting rates, let me make it easy for you. 


It’s worth noting that a 2021 survey by ProCopywriters found the average day rate for freelance writers to be £387 (up from £349 in 2019!) — my day rate starts at £225, just saying. 

You’ll notice I charge by the hour instead of per word. Why? Because longer copy doesn’t equal better copy and it takes time to edit a first draft. 

I’m willing to negotiate depending on the project. If it’s a topic I’m passionate about, a project that benefits a good cause or if you’re offering long-term regular work, we'll work something out. If not, I might be able to recommend someone else.

Copy Writing

£55 per hour
£385 per day

Copy Editing

£44 per hour
£308 per day


£28 per hour
£225 per day

Cancellation Fee

50% of agreed cost

As of March 2022, my rates have been increased by approximately 10% in line with UK inflation estimates. Please note however this is the first time in two years that I've increased my rates. 


Some factors may influence my final quote, such as turnaround time, project size and how much research is required before writing.  

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