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Thomas R. Johnson

Freelance Journalist & Copywriter,
based in London

Crafting compelling copy to connect with your audience

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The author Steven Pressfield once said: “Nobody wants to read your shit.”


My job is to prove Steve wrong.

Informalities aside, let me introduce myself… I’m Tom, a freelance writer for hire based in London, South West London that is, right in the middle of Tooting and Wandsworth.  

You’ve Found Me 

Are you looking for a writer who knows how to effectively research and craft engaging, concise and accurate copy? Then congratulations, you’ve found him. Whether you want to entertain, inform, persuade or sell to your audience, I can help you.


In a world of infinite content, words are more important now than they've ever been. If you want your voice to be heard it’s not about screaming the loudest, it’s about finding the best way to convey your message. 


That’s where I come in… 

How Can I Help You?  

By getting under the skin of your business I’ll be able to craft clean, accurate and compelling copy that’s on-brand and in line with your style and tone of voice. Whether you need help writing & managing a newsletter, want to tidy the text on your website or optimise your email marketing, I’m here for you. 


Want a comprehensive list of my services? Click here

Why Me?

Not only do I want to ensure the work I produce is the best it can be, but I also want to make sure you’re as happy as can be. I’m careful not to overstretch myself or my time so that I can give my clients the attention they deserve. 


What’s more, regardless of your business or your industry, your copy should never be boring. By their very nature, some topics are just a little dry - even rocket science isn't as fun as it sounds.


A creative flair is paramount when it comes to writing. Having written about stock markets, accountancy, hard-surface repairs and even ball bearings (yes, you read that right), I have plenty of experience bringing subjects to life. 


For examples of my published work, take a look at my portfolios for journalism and copywriting

What's Next?

You’ve come this far, so why stop now? Send me an email or give me a call on 07530 453 471 and let’s talk about your project. 

The worst fault a salesman can commit is be a bore.

David Ogilvy - Copywriting Legend

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